Advocate Farm Memberships

Our goal in creating a membership program for farmers, ranchers, and stable owners is to make it as affordable as possible for businesses to spread their information. We wholeheartedly support agriculture related businesses, with special consideration given to those in the equine industry. This membership program is exclusively offered to farms, ranches, and stables so we can not only provide affordable advertising, but also create a community of business owners that can help each other succeed.

There are SO MANY benefits to becoming an Advocate Farm Member!

  • The ability to list your farm events (clinics, camps, shows, seminars, etc.), FREE in every issue.
  • The ability to share your sale horse advertisements, FREE in every issue.
  • A 50% discount on all print ads, in every issue.
  • Free listings in the Advocate’s Farm Directory in every issue.
  • The perk of being listed as an Advocate pick up location, with the goal being that potential new customers will be drawn to your farm in search of the Advocate.

All for only $200/ year!

If you’re interested in becoming an Advocate Farm Member please use the following link to download an application form. Once filled out please send to:

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